k. kipperman


k. kipperman is a musician, composer, improviser, sounder, listener, and teacher currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have also lived, worked, and breathed deeply in New Hampshire, Boston, China, Western Massachusetts, and Berlin, Germany.

k. has taught undergraduate music theory, listening, and musicianship courses at Hampshire College (Amherst, MA) and Mills College (Oakland, CA), and currently attends Mills College in Oakland, California, where they are finishing up an MA in Music Composition.

They have studied with Pauline Oliveros, Zeena Parkins, Maggi Payne, Ellen Fullman, Fred Frith, James Fei, Roscoe Mitchell, Chris McKenney, Dan Warner, Christoph Cox, Roman Yakub, Junko Oba, and Marty Ehrlich.

Interested in how social dynamics and identity politics are negotiated and translated into sound and silence, k.is always thinking about what it means to be connected to and critical of one's own body and privilege within sonic art, visual art, radical education, communities, and everything else in the entire world (also outer space). k. believes deeply in the power of cats, snails, cooking, self-care, caring-for-others, chamomile lavender tea, meditation, transparency, kindness, love, and listening.