kim nucci


Kim Nucci is an Oakland-based multimedia artist/composer and improviser. She plays woodwinds, electronics, various homemade circuits/acoustic instruments.Kim claims to be the Pope of facebook and worships dollar slice pizza as the one true god, while living in the god(pizza)less land of California. She is interested expressing ideas of the dystopian nature of the digital zeitgeist (or post-digital apocalypse, depending) through the environments of installation art, music performance and painting. For the Signal Flow festival Kim will be presenting work about cybernetic memory//communication, and interactive dream states.

Kim holds a BA from Bennington College in Visual Arts and Music Composition, and a MA in Music Composition from Mills College. She has studied music with Milford Graves, Roscoe Mitchell, Maggi Payne, James Fei, Zeena Parkins, John Bischoff and Fred Frith. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills. She has performed//had works performed throughout the US in New York, Oberlin, OH, Vermont, Connecticut, and in the Bay Area.